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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What colors NOT to wear! By: Kelcy Hanson of Sweekit Photography



What may be popular in style may not be the most popular if you are getting your child’s pictures taken or family pictures. As a photographer, I want your child(ren) to look the best in the photos that you are going to be hanging on the wall. It is hard to know what looks best on your child so here are a few suggestion:


     What color of eyes does your child(ren) have? Eyes can play a huge role in what colors look best on kids! If you really want them to stand out, you can either choose to dress the child in the same color (blue shirt to pull out blue eyes) or choose the color opposite on the color wheel. Same goes with hair color-- if the child has red hair, typically greens look best and really make the red hair stand out!

     What kind of skin tone does your child(ren) have? Some colors tend to really wash out a person so be cautious to find colors that compliment, not clash :) If the child has fair skin and blonde hair, a pale pink outfit might not compliment their skin as well as a darker pink/coral color!

     Instead of the ‘hot’ neon colors, choose a few of the following-- Mint green instead of lime green; coral pink instead of bright pink; pale yellow instead of neon yellow, etc.

     Neutral and timeless colors and styles will always photograph the best and stand the test of time.

     Patterns, colors, oh my! Keep it simple-- too much distraction with the clothing takes away from the beautiful face of your child!



This season, neon colors are very popular! They look super adorable on kids and neon is everywhere! Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have the same love relationship. Neon tends to have negative effects on skin tone and the true color of neon is very difficult to capture through a lens. Easy to see to the naked eye, but very difficult for a camera to ‘see’. When neon is photographed, it also leaves a color cast on the person’s face/neck/arms.


Also, contrary to what you see a lot, another color to avoid is wearing all white. Although it is a great color to look all uniform as a family, white reflects every color around it. Just slighting changing a child’s outfit from white to an off-white or cream color can make a huge difference!


Hopefully these tips will help you pick out outfits for your next photoshoot! Next, I will be writing a few tips on how to dress your family for a cohesive look!


(Stock photos from Crazy 8 clothing store, www.crazy8.com.)

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