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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things by: Sherri Scott; Interior Designer and Mama


And These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:


I always love hearing what other moms simply can’t live without.  Didn’t we all register for baby items that we NEVER took out of the box?  I know I did.  Well here are a few things that I have used that I have loved.




1.      The Mommy Hook $6.99: I registered for this when I was first pregnant and NEVER used it.  It stayed in the car with the stroller, but it was just never something I needed until Mia came around and I went grocery shopping with an infant and a toddler.  With Alyssa sitting in the front of the cart and Mia in her car seat in the large cart where was I to put groceries.  I started using it regularly after my groceries were bagged I would clip them all to the front handle of the cart and be on my way.  And then just unclip and transfer all the bags to my car.  I seriously carry a good ten grocery bags on a clip.  LOVE this!

2.      Halo Sleep Sack Early Walker $26.00.  I always swaddled Alyssa when she was a baby and then when she started rolling she slept without anything.  After she turned one I gave her a lightweight, breathable blanket.  With Mia I swaddled, then sleep sacked and now she is in a sleep sack early walker.  Although she is nearly 17 months I have yet to give her a blanket and thinks she looks adorable cruising around in this.  At night her feet are tucked in the sack and in the morning she can pull her feet out and cruise around the crib.

3.      Teach Me Time Clock $40: Sleep is precious for parents of young children.  To keep our little one in bed until it is time to wake we have a Teach Me Time Clock.  The green light turns on when it is okay to get up and it manages to keep our oldest in bed usually until then.  It is much like the OK to Wake clock but has an AC adapter instead of batteries and also teaches time.  Our girls sleep without a nightlight so the light from the clock is a bit of an adjustment, but we simply turn it facing away to keep the light at a minimal.

4.      Nose Frida $15: When kiddos are sick with stuffy noses it is the worst.  I think Mia was six weeks old and had her first cold and it broke my heart.  The poor thing couldn’t breathe and the bulb syringe didn’t seem to do the trick so we got a Nose Frida.  The idea of this is really gross.  My husband refuses to do this.  The red part goes in your mouth and the blue part in the child’s nose and SUCK.  Gross, right.  There is a filter so it isn’t as though you get anything in your mouth, but still maybe not for the weak.  It works a million times better than the bulb and you can control how hard you are sucking if it is a newborn.  I swear, every parent NEEDS this.

5.      Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser $9:  Okay and something for momma.  I am always trying to find a great skin cleanser that doesn’t break my bank, but that I feel makes a difference in my skin.  My sister recommended that I try Cetaphil so I bought it and gave it a try.  The first couple of months I didn’t really think there was much of a change in my skin but now that I am nearly through the bottle I love it.  My skin feels so much smoother and blemish free, which says a lot since I am 5+ months pregnant with hormones galore.  I definitely recommend giving it some time like I did.  Of course, everyone’s skin is different and something else may work better for you.  Maybe our TCOT expert, Brittany has a few recommendations as well for you to try.


Those are just a few things that I currently cannot live without as a mom.  Are there any products you wish someone had let you in on the secret?

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