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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Krista Blocker's Guide to the Perfect Curl

Quad Cities Hair Wizard- Krista Blocker
A “How To” Curl Your Hair
            I have assembled my very best TOP TEN tips when it comes to curling the hair.  I hope these help you as much as they have helped me!
1.The first tip is how to use a flat iron to correctly curl the hair.   SO... you would start out with a section of hair like you were getting ready to flat iron, you then make a 180 degree turn with the iron.  You would then want to grab the tail of the hair that is still sticking out and wrap it back up over the hair to make a complete 360 degree rotation, and then pull down the hair shaft with the flat iron. Viola you’ve got a beautful loose curl. 

2.   Hair curls best on any length with a one inch curling iron.  Anything bigger will give you more body then curl, and anything smaller will give you a tight spiral curl. You don’t want to look like Shirley Temple.  
3.  To achieve the optimal loose curl on long hair use a curling iron, and on short hair use a flat iron.  It’s not absolutely necessary, you could you the other, but these tools give the best look at that length. 
4.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, curl the hair away from the face.  This opens up the face, not encloses it.
5.  Before raking your fingers through your hair to break up the curl, make sure the hair has completely cooled.  Hair sets as it cools.  If you break up the curl before it has time to cool off then your curls will fall out. 
6.  DO set your hair will a light weight hairspray when complete, to ensure that your style will be locked in ALL day long.  Better yet, prep your hair to be curled with a prepping spray, or spray meant to be used with heat before and light hairspray after.  This is the secret to how the celebs never have to worry about their hair not looking perfect.  Also, make sure you are using a heat protectant so you don’t damage your hair in the process.
7.  Don’t feel like you have to re-curl all of your hair on the second day.  It’s the perfect time to wear a looser curl.  Emphasize what you have and then just go back in and refresh a few pieces.  Spray a little spray shine, and you are out the door.
8.  Loose curls are flattering on ANY face shape.  The bounce, the added height, and the automatic lift it gives the fave is a killer combo to looking your best.  It’s a no wonder how come are styles always revert back to some type of curl. 

9.   Don’t over think how each and every curl looks when it comes to curling your hair.  You don’t want every piece curled exactly the same, the exact same way.  I often have people who say they give up curling their hair because they can’t get uniform curls.  Wait until you are completely done curling your hair before you go back and tweak the minor imperfections in the hair.  Chances are you will end up liking it when you see the whole hairstyle together.  Please, trust me and follow this tip!
10.    Last, but not least if you are struggling to curl your hair.  Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to show you.  That is what we are here for.  Sometimes we forget to explain what we are doing when we are styling your hair because it comes like second nature to us.  I love to teach someone new when it comes to their hair!

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